High Performance

Pythia’s technology enables high speed mass data processing. Pythia’s advanced performance enables organizations to get faster query results and run more queries. Pythia provides a larger, deeper, faster, and more accurate analysis of your business.

Competitive Pricing

Pythia’s initial system is available at very competitive prices. This single server system is based on commodity hardware and requires much less HW. As a result, maintenance costs, electricity costs, and floor space requirements are severely reduced.

Minimal Migration

Pythia utilizes an SQL interface as well as conventional ETL processes. Pythia’s solution is transparent to database administrators and requires no costly or painful migration process.


Pythia’s provides a high performance, cost effective data warehouse solution. Pythia’s system provides data processing capabilities that are much faster than existing data warehouse solutions. Pythia’s system is highly cost effective and dramatically reduces migration, maintenance, and ownership costs.

Extreme Performance
Pythia is designed to enable you to perform high-end analyses and create high-performance reports. Pythia’s innovative technology combines the processing power of modern GPUs with proprietary algorithms and a highly compressed index methodology, enabling you to work 70x faster than with existing systems.

Don't Waste $50K on Servers
Pythia is a single-box commodity hardware solution that supports TB- and PB-sized solutions. Pythia provides enormous processing power using only one box instead of implementing numerous servers or very expensive proprietary HW to be able to provide the required processing power. Pythia can easily be added to your existing hardware, utilizing your existing storage and servers. Pythia optimizes IT costs by dramatically reducing migration and maintenance costs.

Concurrent users? No problem
Using its smart memory management, connection pooling and parallel processing algorithms, Pythia is able to handle hundreds and thousands of concurrent users.

Simple & Fast Implementation
Implementing Pythia is both simple and fast. Pythia works on a single-server commodity instead of implementing vast amounts of servers as in other solutions. Pythia can also be easily added to your existing infrastructure, providing upgraded performance utilizing your existing HW system.

Analytics your way
Pythia is based on PostgreSQL and supports full ANSI SQL with all the features of PostgreSQL. Pythia is easily integrated with all business intelligence and reporting tools.

Pythia supports all programming languages and can be integrated using ODBC, JDBC, .Net, and others.

Grow when you need to
Massive Processing Power:
Using today’s hardware architecture, you can just plug a new GPU card into your server and you’re good to go. Pythia is designed to work with multi-GPU systems and takes full advantage of this hardware.

Scalable Storage
Pythis provides a fully integrated, scalable solution. In addition to standard storage systems, Pythia also supports less common systems, such as HDFS.

Concurrent Users? No Problem
Using its smart memory management, connection pooling and parallel processing algorithms, Pythia is designed to simultaneously handle hundreds and thousands of concurrent users.